I want to make sex

When I was 20 I spent one day in Paris and met a guy. I wasn’t attracted to him in any way, shape or form, but he seemed like possible friendship material. We spent a day walking around Montmartre (he was from the area, or so he said) and drank wine on the step of the Sacre Coeur while the sun set. Then he asked me to go home with him, which I politely declined. He ended up yelling at me: “I don’t want to make sex with you!”

Oddly enough, we didn’t keep in touch. (Actually, the whole thing made me think he’d read this article in the Onion and thought it was truth)

Well, now I’m in the uncomfortable position where I want to make sex. Not with that guy. But I want to make it for my main characters and I’m nervous as a nun at a Chippendales show. I’ve never done this before, and I don’t want to suck at it.

How do you make sex scenes good? I’ve found myself reading loads of them by my favorite authors lately, and analyzing them dispassionately. It’s quite difficult, as they’re purposely written–if they’re good–so that you can’t remain dispassionate.

My husband keeps picking them up and reminding me of what non-romance readers find dreadful about romance novels. “Ew! He has a mat of hair on his chest and she licks it?!” and “[snort, eyebrow raised] Engorged member? Please!” and (looking a bit sick) “She likes the musky smell of him?”

So now I know what phrases to avoid. How do you manage to make fantastic sex without being cheesy?


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