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Earlier this week I mentioned that I discovered two cool new things this week. The first was the RNA’s New Writers’ Scheme.

The second is Unleash Your Story, a fundraising challenge for writers and readers. It’s a read-a-thon, write-a-thon where you set your own goals (not just how much you’ll read and write but also how much you’ll raise) and the funds go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

What I love about this is that it’s not like other charity challenges where you have to train for months and do something torturous, like running a marathon or climbing mountains. You challenge yourself to do something you love doing anyway, and you raise money for a very worthy organization at the same time.

It runs through September and they give away prizes for people who keep up with the pacemakers (this year, that’s Michelle Buonfiglio of Romance: B(u)y the Book and author Lori Wilde (wow, check out the man-shower cover of her latest Harlequin release!).

I’d totally get involved, but I’m only going to be in front of my computer a total of five days in September, which doesn’t give me much time to write or cajole my family for money.

Sigh. This will have to be one for next year.

Best of luck to all those taking part!

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