Three degrees of separation

Blythe Gifford, author of The Harlot’s Daughter and In the Master’s Bed, talks on Romance: B(u)y the Book about her surprise at discovering that she’d written a series.

It made me realize how many series I read that are groups of three. I wonder if that’s because of a particular way our brains work (I remember learning in a communications class at college that conversations work best when you have three people because one person is always somewhat left out and has more motivation to drive the conversation forward) or if it’s because publishers like to package things in threes. Just long enough for readers to get to know characters’ world really well, but not long enough to get bored of that world.

When I first started writing my manuscript, I loved my initial idea but then worried I’d never have any other ideas. What if my creativity ran dry?

Oddly enough, I almost imediately had two related stories pop into my head.

There you go. It’s the power of threes.

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