My first readers

On Friday I sent my synopsis and first three chapters to a few trusted friends. It felt like a truly momentous occasion. These were, after all, the very first people who would see anything I’ve written (well, for this novel, at least).

In return, I got the sound of crickets. Nada.

So I emailed them all and it turns out none of them received it. My email must have some kind of filter that considers romance novels unworthy.

I’ve resent it from a different email account. Now I sit and wait.

I wrote in an earlier post that I wasn’t sure what my early readers should focus on when critiquing my work. Laurie Kellog, who has won the Golden Heart Award twice, told me she usually knows what’s missing or wrong with her manuscript. After reading through all of the fantastic advice at the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood blog, I realized that I know my weak points, too.

So I’ve sent my first readers a list of things I want them to look out for. I’ve also told them my first rule for feedback is no ego stroking. They’re my friends, but it does me no good if they tiptoe around my ego.

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