Get free romance novels!

If you love to read romance, there’s a contest with your name all over it. The lovely folks at RomCon are looking for more judges for their Readers’ Crown contest.

Judges get at least five free romance novels (more if you choose to judge more than one panel). You can choose to have all your books from one category (they’ve got 11 categories, including long contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and short historical romance), or from a mix of categories.

You get to keep the books and just need to fill out a judging sheet online.

Here’s the application to be a judge. Fill it out quick – they’re sending the books out at the beginning of February.

Published authors, you have until 31 January to enter (I’m pretty sure that means they have to have your books in their hot little hands by then).

Winners will be announced at the RomCon Convention in Denver  9-11, which looks like it’ll be attended by some of the genre’s best and brightest.

While we’re on the subject of RomCon, you should check out their blogs, too. Good stuff.


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2 responses to “Get free romance novels!

  1. Katrina ~ Thanks for the post! We also have big news about RomCon registration! February is all about romance so we’re offering a special $250 registration fee for readers, author and industry professionals. That’s a savings of $100. Spread the word! We want to see all of you there!

    Tiffany James
    RomCon: Where Romance Rules!

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