Take a survey about ebooks, maybe win $250

The folks behind Dear Author and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books are asking for readers’ opinions about ebooks. To sweeten the pot, they’re giving away $250 to one person who takes their survey.

You can even take it if, like me, you wouldn’t touch an ereader with a ten-foot pole.

At least if I drop my paperback in the bathtub, it’ll dry out.



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2 responses to “Take a survey about ebooks, maybe win $250

  1. Robin Hillyer-Miles

    I love my Sony Daily Reader PRS-900BC. I can download library books, google books, my books, word documents, newsletters, pdfs, music, pictures and even pay for books if I wish. It is a quick on and off. I can write annotations, highlight, make notes … really it is amazing! I think you’d be surprised.

    i downloaded all the RWA PRO newsletters and guides so I can read them in the car line while waiting to pu my child from school.

    • Katrina

      Hi Robin. That is really surprising. I’m impressed it can do all that. Still doesn’t help me out with being a butterfingers in the bathtub, though. And all the ebooks I’ve looked at are more expensive than the print (paperback) version. But then, I’m a bit of a traditionalist.

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