No poop, dope-smoking amateur detective

Women want men who are financially secure, committed and ready to make babies.

This is the conclusion of two Canadian researchers who analyzed 15,019 Harlequin romance novels to see if they match theories of evolutionary psychology.

The Guardian says these two educated people speculated that Harlequin titles:

would be heavy on words such as baby, father and paternity; wealth, tycoon and billionaire; marriage, engagement and bride; and handsome, attractive and athletic.

Makes me wonder how bored they had to be in that grocery store line.

Apparently their next research project is on the toileting habits of lonely bears in heavily forested areas.

Good thing my novel’s called The Junkie on the Dole and His Prozzy Lover.


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2 responses to “No poop, dope-smoking amateur detective

  1. LOL. You certainly cheer up my day, Katrina. And did the researchers say exactly where this guy is? Just curious.

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