Brenda Novak’s auction rakes in the bucks

File this one under ‘Holy crap, people have lots of money to spend on getting published’.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about Brenda Novak’s auction for diabetes research, and how I had no problem setting aside what I could afford to bid on a critique.

Erm, apparently people have a hell of a lot more money than I do. Either that, or they really want to get published, or they REALLY hate diabetes.

The cheapest item on my watch list has a bid of over $100. The critique by Jessica Faust is at $1,060 right now. And there are 18 days left.

So yes, I’ll be doing things the old-fashioned way: with a donation and a query letter.

Not addressed to the same person.


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2 responses to “Brenda Novak’s auction rakes in the bucks

  1. Robin Hillyer Miles

    I know, it is crazy isn’t it? I usually just buy a couple of the “drawing” tickets and hope I have the luck of the draw. I can’t afford $300 for someone to read three chapters of my ms. But I’m oh so glad that others can afford to do so and, as a result, raise money for diabetes research!

    • Katrina

      Yeah, I think a drawing ticking and crossing my fingers are the way I’m going to go. I’ve seen lots of writerly charity auctions for different things – like the Nashville floods – and it’s great that people are willing to give their time and money.

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