My dark moments

One of my manuscripts is a finalist in the Break-up Contest, run by Alaska Romance Writers! Pretty good, since the scene I entered was my hero and heroine’s wedding (let’s just say, all does not go as planned for them).

This is a different ms to the one I entered in the Between the Sheets Contest, so it’s really nice to have positive feedback about it.

Thanks, Alaska!


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6 responses to “My dark moments

  1. Way to go, Katrina! Sounds like all your hard work is paying off. Now get them fnished and submitted so I can add them to my bookshelf. Good luck!

    • Katrina

      Thanks, Kaki! I’m about half finished with my current WIP and polishing my other’n, so hopefully they’ll be on your bookshelf one day in the not too distant future.

  2. I’m expecting them to be. Keep at it!

  3. It was quiet. Had the granddaughters visiting, so we were riding quads, and going to see Shrek, then after they left I had two blogs to get ready for. I’m dining with my beta readers tomorrow and signing a few books at the local bookstore, but no big fanfare which is how I like it. Are you still in the review business? I was going to mention your review in my blog and wondered if you were still at it?

    • Katrina

      Sounds like a great way to spend the day! I am still in the review business. Been awhile since I posted one, but the books I’ve read most recently are released in August, so it might be a few weeks before they’re up.

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