When reality and fiction meet

Yesterday I became British. One nationality’s just not enough, right? It involved paying the government around three weeks’ worth of wages, swearing allegiance to the Queen and all her successors, singing “God Save the Queen” and then going out for dim sum with my hubby and in-laws.

The whole time I was sitting in the Victorian registry building, I was mentally cataloging details of the room because that’s where the hero and heroine of my first manuscript get married.

I chose the location for their wedding nearly a year ago, and because I’d never been to the registry office, I skimmed on the details. So yesterday, instead of paying too much attention to a local dignitary’s speech on how wonderful it is to live in this borough, I was picturing my heroine breaking my hero’s heart on their wedding day.

That was yesterday. Today I got a call from Alaska to tell me that that very same scene placed second in the AKRWA Break-up contest.

How weird is that?



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4 responses to “When reality and fiction meet

  1. This WIP seems to be off to a great start. Isn’t this the 2nd or 3rd contest it has finaled in? So when are you going to finish it? I want it on my shelf. Signed. Soon.

    • Katrina

      I’ve got two WIPs, one which I’m polishing and one which I’m still finishing up the first draft of. Each has finaled in a contest. If you’re that anxious, Kaki, I can always print off a copy, sign it, and mail it to you. It’ll probably droop over on the shelf, though, what with it not having a cover.

      Hopefully next year I’ll be able to send you the absolute final version. Maybe for Christmas. Or New Year’s Eve.

  2. And I’ll send you an ARC of Chasing the Sun for your birthday in January. That’s fair, right?

    • Katrina

      Uh, well, I think I’d certainly be getting the better end of that deal, but there’s no way in hell I’m saying no! Feels like I’ve been waiting forever to get to know Jack better.

      All right, I’m going to write my little tushy off to make sure I can send you one of my novels – professionally edited, bound and offered for purchase to others – sometime in the reasonable future.

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