About this blog

Illustration of old fashioned woman at a laptop with text: "Reader, I created him. The quest to become a romance novelist."

This is a place where romance readers and genre-fiction writers – whether published or aspiring – can come together to share their passions, encourage each other and commiserate.

Day by day

I know it’s good to have a schedule, and I do try to stick to this, although sometimes life or content gets in the way. If I discover something interesting, I want to share it with you right away instead of holding it back.

But generally, here’s how it goes.

Interviews with contemporary and historical romance authors. I only feature interviews with authors whose books I think are amazing because I want to learn from them and help them promote their novels. And you can win their books!

I announce the previous week’s giveaway winner.

Focus on contemporary romance. Since I write contemporary romance, and I’ve found precious few (if any) blogs that make contemporary romance their main focus, I try to feature at least one post a week talking about issues in contemporary romance novels. This is where you can find my recommendations for upcoming releases.

Even if you’re not a contemporary romance (or even a romance) reader, I try to angle these posts so they’ll appeal to you.

Reviews* of contemporary or historical romance, romantic suspense, or nonfiction related to love, sex and relationships.

On this blog, I only post reviews for books I love and would recommend. We’re talking high-quality romance here, because life’s too short and money’s too tight to waste on bad books. I do, however, post a fuller range of reviews at The Season for Romance.

Posts about writing, science, charity, videos, or anything else worthy of sharing.

My most popular posts

You might want to have a gander around the site before committing to following me. I totally understand.

So here are some posts that other people seem to dig.

Five things romance writers should know about vaginas

The worst thing I’ve ever written didn’t kill me

Five things novelists should do when writing for the web

Ten tips on writing characters with accents (guest post by novelist Rose Lerner)

Why my romance novel hero is the ugliest man in the world

Describing how a man smells

I hope you’ll jump in!


romancingkatrina [at] gmail [dot] com

Image cooked up by Mike Licht (NotionsCapital) and lovingly tweaked by Valentina Ruggiero

*In the interests of full disclosure, you should know I’m given books to review but sometimes I also review books I’ve bought and loved.

One response to “About this blog

  1. Good stuff. Your writing is so smart. BTW: I like the u’s. I use them all the time, and I’m not a Brit. Is that allowed?

    Kaukab’s daughter

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