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Doncha wish your critter was hot like me?

Well, your critter could *be* me. Or rather, I could be your critique partner.

My online critique group, Rumored Romantics, is looking for one or two other partners. To find someone whose critique style meets ours, we’re running a little contest. Lynnette Labelle, who runs the group, has posted the contest rules on her blog, so if you’re looking for a group who’ll critique one of your chapters a week, go read Lynnette’s blog!

There are a few stages, and the first deadline is on Tuesday, so hurry!

As for me, I’m taking a social media break next week. I’ll be checking this blog until Sunday, but after that I’ll be powering down my internet access for a week and focusing on writing. So, if I don’t speak to you beforehand, have a wonderful week full of good books!

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Getting an unbiased opinion

I mentioned earlier that I sent my first three chapters to some writerly friends. None of them write romance, only one of them reads romance, and one of them told me, “I have to be honest, I absolutely HATE romance novels!”

I’m hoping that that’ll be a good thing. They’ll all help me make my manuscript stronger without worrying about the conventions of a particular genre.

Even though I told them all that I don’t want any ego-stroking, I’m not sure how honest they’ll be with me. Half of them are writers I work with, so we’re used to editing each other’s news stories. I know they can point out problems without feeling like they’ll hurt my feelings.  The other half are friends who are fantastic creative writers who are blunt to a fault.

But how do you get unbiased opinions from people who don’t know you?

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Writing for your family

(Manuscript #1 word count: 69,934 – getting there!)

Last weekend I was talking to my parents on the phone and mentioned that I was working on finishing my book. “You’re reading a book?” Dad asked.

It shouldn’t have been much of a surprise to him, considering I majored in English lit. But Dad’s not a big reader.

So I said, “No, Dad, I’m trying to finish the book I’m writing.” Apparently it was the first time he’d heard of the project I’ve been working on since May. Mom’s known for months.

It made me wonder if I’ve kept from telling him about it because it’s a romance novel. Or, as my friend Amanda said, “Lots and lots of hot NASTY sex!”

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