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She writes again!

After a bit of fiddling around, I’ve discovered I have no problems with She Writes, a social networking site for writers, at home. The problem seems to be with my work, but the IT department blames She Writes. In the comments to my previous post, Fran Lee explained some of the techie reasons my work computer doesn’t like the site.

I’m starting to love the site, though. I’ve been able to “meet” writers in other countries and I think it’ll be a useful place to get information from writers who have been down this road before.

To everyone at She Writes, I look forward to getting involved!

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She writes, she promotes, she fails

This week I was reading an article on the Washington Post website about how authors can market themselves using cheap (or free!) online tools.

It had a link to a new social networking site called She Writes. I had a gander at it and got really excited. It seemed like it might be just the place for me to connect with other writers and, possibly, find someone who understands romance and can be a good critique buddy for me.

I signed up. And the site nearly stopped working.

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