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Video: Why men and women can’t be friends

Answer’s pretty clear (at least, it is if you’re a guy at Utah State University’s library): Because we’re men, and we have those feelings.

This clears up why all my very-close straight guy friends from college dropped off the face of the earth once they got married.

Do you think men and women can be friends? Does a bit of attraction get in the way of friendship, or does it enhance it?

P.S. Why didn’t I go to Utah State??


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Friday feminist funnies

I’ve stumbled across some brilliant parodies this week. The first is the blog Feminist Ryan Gosling, with its “Hey, girl” captions.

Feminist Ryan Gosling has only been around for about six weeks. Danielle, a University of Wisconsin grad student and teacher on the gender studies program, created it as a way of helping her remember the feminist theories she was reading.

Sadly, I first heard of Ryan Gosling only a few months ago, after my mom took my teenaged cousins to one of his movies (don’t ask me which one). When I asked her how the movie was, she hesitated and said, “Well, the girls liked it. And it’s not hard to spend two hours staring at Ryan Gosling.”

If Mom finds him attractive, I feel I can’t.

Genetics are perverse, eh?

My other favorite finds of the week are videos from The Second City Network, with Disney princesses giving love advice to young girls.

And let’s not forget Snow White with her seven man-friends.


What dating advice would other Disney princesses give young girls? Jasmine? Sleeping Beauty? Ooh, Sleeping Beauty’s gotta be ripe for giving sound relationship advice.

Do you have a favorite Feminist Ryan Gosling photo? Or do you prefer staring at him without the captions?


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Congrats, New Zealand All Blacks!

If it seems like I’ve been talking a lot about rugby lately, it’s because I’ve been rewriting  my contemporary romance manuscript about a professional rugby player, and I’ve been doing lots of “research” lately (i.e. spending hours searching for videos of rugby players tackling each other and generally being uber-manly).

Today’s been a particularly rugby-tastic day in the Latham household. My husband woke up early to watch the Rugby World Cup final, which apparently was quite slow. I slept through most of it, unfortunately, but watching the final few moments set me up well to work on my manuscript.

If you missed the final, too, here’s how it started. The New Zealand All Blacks always do a traditional Maori war dance to psyche out their opponents. If I had to face those tongues, I’d be a bit freaked, but the Frenchmen stand their ground.

Check out those arms. And quads. And asses. Seriously.

In the afternoon, my husband and I went to watch a live match at the club where he’s a season ticket holder, and ideas for a series of rugby novels bounced around in my head. Fortunately, when I move to the Netherlands next week I’ll have lots of free time to write them!

If the massive men doing the haka above don’t do it for you, then here’s an alternative video for you.

Did you watch the Rugby World Cup final? What did you think?


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Simply Inflatable – and other romance titles

“What’re you reading now?” my husband asks. “Buggered by the Butler?”

Yeah, yeah. Everyone who reads romance knows the titles can earn them some raised eyebrows and a few sniggers.

They don’t embarrass me, and I’m happy to see some of my favorite authors having fun with them too. Sound quality’s not great on this, but how cool is it to see so many greats enjoying themselves?

And, it includes author Jill Shalvis, whose novel Simply Inflatable, er, Simply Irresistible I’m giving away this week!

Make sure you watch the outtakes at the end!

Can you think of any romance novel titles you could improve on?


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